January 8 2018

Announcing The 2018 BCAT Cinema Series

By: Chris Flaherty

BCAT is proud to announce the 2018 edition of The BCAT Cinema Series. Presented by BCAT Production Coordinator and resident film junkie Chris Flaherty, the Cinema Series hopes to bring both hardcore cinephiles and regular moviegoers of the BCAT and Burlington community together, to discuss and analyze the most treasured motion pictures of yesterday and today.


Each installment of the series will begin with a brief presentation on the film, providing insight into their creation and legacy, followed by the feature presentation. The evening will conclude with a rousing discussion on the film, where the group can comment or question what they like about the film, what they don’t like, etc. and finally a round of trivia with prizes for the winner!


As the Cinema Series enters its second year, BCAT is looking to expand the scope of the program. We are excited to offer members of the community a chance to select the films and give their own presentation as part of the Cinema Series!

For the months of March, May, and September, we are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters, ready to speak on films from all eras of motion picture history.

When choosing a film to speak on, here are some things to consider:

-Has the film made a significant cultural or historical impact on society and the film industry?
-Is there enough researcg material available on the film?
-What was the production of the film like? Was it difficult to get the film made? What was it like "behind the scenes"? -What did it take to cast the film? To write the script?
-How was the film recieved by critics and audiences?
-Do people still watch the film today?
-Is the film approrpriate for all audiences? We at BCAT like to make sure all members of the community have an oppurtunity to attend these events. If the film being presented is Rated R, we ask that those 17 and under wishing to attend recieve written permission from a parent or guardian.

    If you are interested in being one of this year's Guest Features at the BCAT Cinema Series, please submit your proposal to flaherty@bcattv.org. See you at the movies!!

    Potential Dates For Guest Features:

    March 30th, May 25th, September 21st

    (Dates Subject To Change)

    Be sure to also RSVP for the year's first event on La La Land!


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