June 17 2016

3-Story Fitness Center with Two Indoor Pools Proposed for 4th Avenue

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington may soon get a big new fitness center in Northwest Park.


The Nordblom Company is proposing a Life Time Fitness for 4th Avenue which would be adjacent to a 240,000 square foot office building they are also proposing. 


Nordblom Senior Vice President and Director of Mixed-Use Projects Todd Freemont-Smith and attorney Robert Buckley of Riemer & Braunstein were at the Planning Board meeting on Thursday night to give a short preview of the project that will have an official hearing on July 21st. 


Freemont-Smith said the plan for the fitness center is to tear down a 130,000 square foot warehouse and build a 3-story “state of the art” fitness and wellness center. 


“Life Time Fitness is the Wegmans of fitness center,” he said. “We’ve been looking for the right fitness center for 10 years.” 


He said the center will fill a need in Burlington and cater to both the tenants of the park and Burlington residents as a whole. 


“There is no place like this in Burlington,” he said. “It’s a missing amenity for the office workers and the residents.”


The Life Time Fitness center will have basketball, tennis and squash courts as well as massage therapy and physicians for physical therapy. There will also be two indoor pools, one for recreation and another for swimming laps. 


Buckley said Life Time Fitness has programs for the community, including ones geared towards children that they run during school vacations. 


Members of the Planning Board seemed mostly pleased with the proposal. Carol Perna said she thinks something like this is needed in the area. 


“I think it will be a nice addition to Burlington,” she said. 


One concern raised by member William Gaffney was the orientation of the building and the parking lot. As the plan currently stands the parking lot is facing out to Middlesex Turnpike. He said he’d prefer either the building face the turnpike or have greenspace in that area. 


Freemont-Smith said building height restrictions limit how close they can build to Middlesex but agreed to discuss alternatives when the official hearing begins next month. 

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