April 14 2016

Another Bomb Threat at BHS, Other Massachusetts Schools

By: Rich Hosford



A little before noon on Thursday the Massachusetts State Police issued this update concerning bomb threats at schools in Massachusetts: 

"As of this writing, we are aware of 32 schools in Massachusetts that have received robo-call bomb threats today. The response to the threats is being handled, variously, by local police and fire departments, the State Police Bomb Squad, State Police patrols and K9 units, and the office of the State Fire Marshal. The threats are being tracked by State Police at the Commonwealth Fusion Center. For each threat, a risk assessment is performed and authorities are responding accordingly. No hazardous devices have been found at any sites as of this time.


Please note that for tactical reasons we will not list all the communities where threats are being received.


The investigation into the spate of school bomb threats is being led by the FBI with assistance from the Massachusetts State Police and the Office of the State Fire Marshal. As previously noted on various dates earlier this year, we believe the robo-call threats are delivered to targeted destinations through an online network or networks via numerous routers."

Original Story 

There was another bomb at Burlington High School on Thursday morning, similar to one in January and to many reported around the state in recent months.  


In fact on Thursday alone there were reports in at least 15 other communities. 


School administration has ruled the threat to be non-credible.


The following is a letter from Principal Mark Sullivan: 

"Earlier this morning the main office at Burlington High School received an automated message saying there was a threat at our school. The threat was not specific in detail.

This call was similar to the one we received in January and is the same type of call that many schools across the state, specifically in our local area, have been receiving this week.

Upon receiving this call, we initiated the Burlington High School protocol for a bomb threat. The protocol included contacting the Burlington Police Department, notifying the superintendent’s office, activating our school crisis team and most importantly assessing the level of threat and doing a sweep of the building and grounds at Burlington High School.

After the team was able to process the level of risk to Burlington High School and upon the recommendation of the Burlington Police Department, we have come to the conclusion that this threat is not credible and we will maintain our normal schedule.

As an added precaution, the Burlington Police Department will have an increased presence in and around Burlington High School for the remainder of the day and moving forward if necessary. If there are additional threats made or if additional information arises that would pose a threat, the emergency response team at Burlington High School will take any steps necessary to keep everyone safe and notify staff, students, and parents about the situation.

As always, we ask that you report anything suspicious or unusual to School Administration or the Burlington Police Department.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of administration."

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