April 16 2015

App Delivers Emergency Notifications to Your Smartphone

By: Rich Hosford

Stay up to date on emergency alerts in Massachusetts by downloading an app to your smartphone. 

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) launched a free alerting app, called Massachusetts Alerts, some time back and recently sent out a reminder to residents that they can get it. 

MEMA uses the app to send out information on severe weather (tornados, hurricanes and tropical storms, severe thunderstorms), hazardous materials incidents, evacuation orders, shelter-in-place orders, Amber Alerts, unsafe drinking water supplies, and other types of incidents and disasters.

In addition to providing alerts and critical information about ongoing incidents and disasters, Massachusetts Alerts also provides preparedness tips and information, and directs users to online resources to help them prepare for, manage during, and recover from the wide range of natural, technological and man-made hazards that threaten the residents of the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts Alerts provides emergency notifications and public safety information based on your location, proximity to an event or incident, and the preferences you select. Users receive real-time information, including:


  • • Severe weather watches and warnings (users set their own preferences)

  • • Amber alerts about missing children

  • • Critical information during disasters, such as evacuation and shelter-in-place information

  • • Shelter information

  • • Information about power outages

  • • Tips to prepare for, and stay safe during disasters and public safety incidents

“MEMA encourages all residents of the Commonwealth to download Massachusetts Alerts,” the notice states. “Massachusetts Alerts is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.”

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