May 27 2015

BHS Sophomore's Writing Voted Best on National Publication

By: Rich Hosford

A Burlington High School student has been recognized for his writing by a national publication. 

According to a post by the BHS English Department, sophomore Sidra Afzal’s short story, “Officially Innocent” was recently voted the top piece of Realistic Fiction on the online publication Teen Ink. 

In the piece, Afzal writes about a first-hand account of a Pakistani man attempting to get his name removed from the FBI’s No Fly List after it landed there on dubious charges. The narrator also recounts what appear to be snippets of overheard conversations said by other passengers on previous flights declaring their opposition to flying with a Muslim man. 

Afzal had this to say about his own piece on the Teen Ink website. 

“There is a lot of racial profiling and racism that is done against Muslims - only for the fact that they hold a different set of beliefs. This piece creates a parallel contrast between what people perceive the main character is doing, what they say about him, and what he REALLY is doing. I hope people will take away the fact that we should not cook what the media has force fed us and we should keep an open mind. We should accept people for who they truly are... Beautiful and innocent souls.” 

Read the story here

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