May 3 2016

BHS Students Recognized for 'Service, Integrity, Leadership and Spirit'


Two Burlington High School students were honored for their academic and extra-curricular activities at a regional luncheon last week. 


Juniors Anusha Datar and Sebastian Beuchelt represented Burlington High School last week at the annual Middlesex League Principals SILS Award Luncheon, a blog post from Principal Mark Sullivan said.  


Each year the principals of the schools in the Middlesex League recognize a junior boy and girl with the SILS Award. The award recognizes students for Service, Integrity, Leadership and Spirit. Recipients must have a 90% or better attendance rate, must have a B or better grade average with no grade below a B- and must be active in extra-curricular activities. The SILS Award recipients must possess high integrity and demonstrate leadership and good citizenship as well as having participated in school and/or community service.


“Thank you to Mr. Sheehan who attended with Anusha and Sebastian as they received this award - and for sharing their accomplishments with the other league principals and students,” Sullivan wrote. “Congratulations to Sebastian and Anusha!”

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