March 31 2015

Burlington Italian Restaurant Featured on Phantom Gourmet

By: Rich Hosford

A Burlington Italian restaurant was recently featured on a well-known local review show. 


Tuscan Kitchen, located in New England Executive Park, was in the spotlight when it was reviewed on CBS Boston’s Phantom Gourmet last week. Tuscan Kitchen opened in Burlington last fall. 


“Do you love Italian food?,” the review begins. “Of course you do, but you probably don’t love it as much as Joe Faro, the Owner and ‘Chief Food Taster’ at the sprawling Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington.”


The Phantom Gourmet piece praised Tuscan Kitchen’s traditional and authentic pasta dishes.  


“The menu is loaded with Rustic Italian dishes, with appetizers like Arrancini in a Tomato Porcini Gravy, and Meatballs made with a blend of beef, veal and pork, that are putting Italian grandmothers out of business,” it says, later continuing with “While Joe may not know your grandmother, he knows a whole lot about pasta, and he puts that knowledge to good use in dishes like Tortelli stuffed with Short RibCanneloni filled with braised veal; and Bolognese tossed with giant Rigatoni, which is a perfect pasta to pair with the sauce."


The review also has a recommendation for the truly hungry. 


“When it comes to meat, there’s really one dish you’ve got to eat, the 28 ounce, aged Rib eye, with a sea salt and rosemary crust, and roasted garlic jus,” the Phantom Gourmet states. 


Click here for the full review

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