April 7 2016

Burlington Police Offering Free Women's Self-Defense Classes


The Burlington Police Department is offering female residents an opportunity to learn how to protect themselves in the event someone ever tries to assault them. 


The department is offering a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Women’s Self Defense Class that will run from May 31st to June 28. The class is free and will run on Tuesday night’s (except Monday June 20 due to a conflict) in that time period from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Kelley-Murray Wing of the Burlington Council on Aging at 61 Center Street. 


The program is free and police only ask that students attend all five nights of class. Women aged 14+ can take the program with a parents’ consent and in the company of a female parent or trusted adult.


“We have never turned anyone away but if the class fills to the point where we can't make room for everyone preference will be given to Burlington residents and then those who work in Burlington,” the notice from the police states. 


When you take these classes please wear comfortable athletic clothing and please leave weapons and jewelry at home, police ask. 


RAD is a network of instructors who receive training in the tested system, according to its web site. It has trained more than 900,000 women in self-defense since the program began in 1989. 


“The mission of the R.A.D. Systems is to establish an accessible, constantly improving and internationally respected alliance of dedicated instructors,” the RAD sites states. “These instructors in turn, will provide educational opportunities for women, children, men and seniors to create a safer future for themselves. In doing this, we challenge society to evolve into an existence where violence is not an acceptable part of daily life.”


Click here to sign up


Click here to visit RAD's web site for more information. 

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