April 8 2017

Burlington's 2017 Town Election Results

By: Rich Hosford

The results of the 2017 Burlington Town Election are out.

In the Town Moderator race between incumbent Sally Willard and challenger William Beyer the newcomer won. Beyer garnered 1,672 votes to Willard’s 1,115.

In the Board of Selectmen race to fill Daniel Grattan’s seat, who announced earlier this year he was not seeking reelection, there were three candidates: James Tigges, a detective with the Burlington Police Department; Joan Kennedy-Constant, an attorney and Town Meeting member; and Virginia Mooney, a former member of the board and a current Town Meeting member. Tigges won the race with 1,692 votes. Kennedy-Constant received 921 votes and Mooney received 216.

There was also a contested race for Recreation Commission. Long-term incumbent Kevin Sullivan won handily with 2,047 votes to challenger Timothy Burke’s 593.

There were also contested races in Town Meeting Precincts 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 for three-year seats.

In Precinct 1 the winners were incumbents Gary Gianino, Nolan Glantz, Michael Marchese, Jr., Patrick Moreno and Bruce Morey and newcomer Jennifer Scanlon.

In Precinct 3 the winners were incumbents James Frost, Gary Mercier, James Patterson, Monte Pearson, Daniel Raske and Roger Riggs.

In Precinct 4 the winners were Karen Cooper, Louise Freeman, Michael Proulx, Steven Stamm and Craig Callahan.

In Precinct 6 the winners were incumbents John Cormier, Sr., John Iler, Rose Manni, Brian Pupa and Joanna Schlansky. Newcomer Michael Souza also won a seat.

In Precinct 7 the winners were incumbents Scott Martin, Jonathan Sachs, Tammy Lee Vallas and David Webb. Newcomers Elizabeth Cushman Hughes and Kevin Keene also won seats.

There was also a race for a one-year seat in Precinct 7 between Nicholas Blase and Cody Case. Case won that race with 128 votes to his opponent’s 108.

There were also a number of unopposed seats and you can see them all here.


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