April 5 2013

Liquor Licenses Becoming Controversial Issue

By: BNEWS Weekly

Acquiring more liquor licenses for the town is an issue gaining urgency with the Board of Selectmen.


In January town officials were set ask Town Meeting to approve a request for 10 additional liquor licenses from the state. However just prior to the January session, Town Administrator John Petrin met with the State House Judiciary Committee who stated they would not approve a broad stroke of licenses. Hence the request was withdrawn. Mr. Petrin recently told the board there continues to be a high demand for liquor licenses with several establishments showing interest in coming to Burlington based on the availability of the licenses. There are also businesses looking to move to town pending amenities like restaurants that serve liquor.


The board is also facing the issue of those currently holding liquor licenses and selling them to large chains. The board feels this has a negative impact on the small business owners in town. Mr. Petrin stated that they need clarification from the state on how to approach the matter from a legislative stand point. Discussion was continued and is sure to be ongoing.

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