February 23 2016

Mosquito Spraying Opt-Out Ended in March

By: Rich Hosford

Those interested in opting out of having their property sprayed for mosquitoes have until March 1 to alert the town. 


According to a notice on the Town of Burlington website, residents who would like to exclude their properties from mosquito control spraying should send a certified letter to the Burlington Town Clerk by the deadline. The letter should have your name, address, telephone number and the spray program for which this exclusion is requested. 


Additionally, the notice states, the boundaries of the property should be marked every 50 feet by paper plates, orange surveyors tape or other appropriate means. What types of markings you use should also be stated in the certified letter. 


Click here to find an online exclusion form


The spraying is done by the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Group out of Waltham. The group uses different chemicals depending if they are targeting adult mosquitos or larvae. According to its web site it uses Sumithrin for adult mosquitos and Bti for mosquito larvae. 


According to the site Sumithrin is a synthetic chemical that is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “relatively non-toxic” (caffeine is rated as more toxic). Studies have found that the risk for toxicity to people, other mammals and birds is “low.” It has a higher risk to fish but the site says it has never been connected to fish deaths. 


Bti, a microbial insecticide, is also rated as “relatively non-toxic” by the EPA and the risk of toxicity to people is rated as low. The site says it also listed as having “essentially no risk” to other mammals, birds, fish and bees. 


Anyone with questions about the spraying can contact the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Group at (781)-899-5730. 

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