July 22 2015

New CrossFit Location Given Go-Ahead to Open in Town

By: Rich Hosford

The popular exercise CrossFit is becoming a fixture in Burlington. 

Last week the Planning Board approved a special permit to allow CrossFit Exclamation to open at 1 Rounder Way. This will be the third CrossFit location in town. 

Owner Lori Becker said she’s been coaching at friends’ gyms for a while and is now looking forward to starting her own business. She said she’s been working as CEO of Publishing Solutions Group in Woburn for the past 13 years and is excited for something new and different. 

Her studio will take up approximately 5,000 square foot of an existing 40,000 square foot building. The building has more than enough parking spaces to accommodate her clientele. 

Becker said she plans to have classes for adults and for children in the eight to 14 age range. Along with CrossFit she will also have personal training, yoga and programming designed for kids. With the space available she said class sizes could run between 20 to 25 people but she might opt to have two classes running at one time to increase instructor attention per student. 

The classes will be an hour long and will take place primarily in the morning and evenings. 

Members of the Planning Board had no objections to her plans and approved the special permit unanimously. 

CrossFit, for those not in the know, is an exercise program that incorporates a mix of aerobic activities, calisthenics and weight lifting. Classes often feature a wide variety of exercises and activities to keep participants moving. 

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