March 26 2015

Plans In the Works to Improve Accessibility of Town Common

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington is looking into plans to improve disability access at the Town Common. 

Town Engineer Thomas Hayes and Burlington Disability Access Commission member Mary Jane Fietze were at the Board of Selectmen meeting this week to present the plan to the board members. 

Hayes said the plan calls for the modification of the two walkways that run from Center Street to the gazebo. 

With the walkway that runs from near Town Hall, Hayes said the plan is to remove the stairs and re-grade the walk so it is easier to use for people in wheelchairs. 

With the second walkway, closer to the Fire Department, Hayes said they will just re-grade it to cut down on the severity of the slope. Both walkways will be converted from asphalt to concrete. The will also be done in such a way so that they blend in with the topography of the Commons for aesthetic reasons. 

“This will make them fully ADA compliant and much more friendly,” Hayes said. 

Hayes said the project will likely cost between $50,000 and $55,000 but that they will have a former number once the bidding process has begun. He expects the work to take place in September, likely after Truck Day. 

Fietze said she wanted to thank the selectmen for approve the recent crack-down on handicap parking violators and the Police Department for undertaking the work. She said the funds raised during the initiative through tickets would help fund this project. 

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