April 6 2016

Police Chase in Woburn Triggers Lockdown of Two Burlington Schools

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Police say that a chase of at least two suspects in Woburn near the Burlington line caused a precautionary lockdown at Marshall Simonds Middle School and Memorial Elementary School. 


Police and Burlington Schools both report that the incident has ended with two suspects in custody. 

There have been no official reports of what triggered the chase at this time. 


We will update as more information becomes available. 


Superintendent Eric Conti posted this notification on his blog: 


"This morning at 10:30 a.m. Burlington Police notified us of an ongoing police chase happening in Woburn not far from the town line by Marshall Simonds Middle School and Memorial School. As our protocols dictate, we went into a controlled lockdown at both Marshall Simonds and Memorial given the proximity of the event. At the same time, we advised our other schools that this was taking place and we would notify them if the location of the chase changed. During a controlled lockdown, we make sure our exterior doors are secure and stop individuals from entering or leaving the building. At the same time, we continue activities inside the building. The Burlington Police Department visibly parked a police car in front of the middle school.

Elementary students were not informed that anything outside of the ordinary was happening. The middle school students were informed that there was a situation outside of the building and that they were safe.

The suspects were apprehended shortly after 11:00. At 11:06 a.m. we were notified by the Burlington Police that we could end our controlled lockdown.

Thank you to the Burlington Police for their immediate and clear communication. We are back in our regular routine."

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