December 1 2016

Selectmen Approve Language of Petition for Additional Liquor Licenses

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington took one more step towards gaining additional liquor licenses this week.


On Monday the Board of Selectmen voted to approved the language of a Petition to the General Court that will go to the state legislature for approval, pending any necessary changes along the way. The petition is requesting six additional all-alcohol licenses and two beer & wine licenses that will be restricted to the Town Center Overlay District.


Town Meeting voted in September to allow the town to seek the additional licenses.


During Town Meeting members of the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator John Petrin argued for the extra licenses by saying they will be used to create a walkable downtown area featuring small, locally owned restaurants.

“The idea behind having these establishments is to have an area that is a desirable destination,” Selectmen Chris Hartling said at the time. “They will enhance the social and economic viability of the downtown area and attract the businesses we want to see there. They will be places where a family, a couple or friends can go. We don’t have enough places where you can go and sit down and have a casual evening.”



Town officials will now work with State Rep. Ken Gordon and State Sen. Ken Donnelly to get the petition through the legislature.


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