October 3 2016

September Town Meeting Attendance Released


The September Town Meeting was this past Wednesday and while most members came to discuss the issues and cast votes on the warrant articles, there were a few empty seats. 

As reported on BNEWS, last year the town’s Rules Committee voted to reinstate a 2002 bylaw that requires the town clerk to send the attendance of Town Meeting members to two local newspapers. 

This week the attendance list from Wednesday’s meeting was put out by Town Clerk Amy Warfield, who said this: 


“At the recent Town Meeting on September 28, 2016, Precincts 2 and 4 lead with attendance of 16 members in attendance from their precincts.  Below is a list of the members who were not in attendance for the meeting.  The business of the town was finished in one evening and next Town Meeting will be January 23rd 2017” 


Absent Members: 


Precinct #1

Domenic Caraco

Gary J. Gianino

Nolan H. Glantz

John M. Glynn II

Michael Marchese, Jr.

Maureen Monaco Ryan


Precinct #2

Lisa Cline

Andrew H. Olney



Stephen G. Marchese

Paul Gerard Noonan

Faydeen A Sateriale



Constance K. McElwain

Michael A. Proulx



Joseph P. Calandrelli

Richard Melo

Frank P. O’Brien

Mary Ellen Osowski

Norman A. Steeves



Daine Kendrigan Creedon

Robert W. Johnson III

James Robert Mackey

David F. Peterson



Elliot Brown

David Castellano

Anne P. Coady

Derek W. Morris

Eric J. Parker


Article photo is from previous Town Meeting

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