July 3 2020

VIDEO: Domino's Delivery Vehicle Burns in Late Night Incident

The Burlington Fire Department responded to an early morning call of a car on fire at the Burlington Domino’s at 53 Winn Street on Monday morning. 


Assistant Chief Mike Patterson said the call came in at 3:01 a.m. Initially the caller believed the car, a delivery vehicle for the business, had driven into the pizza place. The department responded in force, with both engines and an ambulance, but it was soon apparent to first responders the car had caught fire for a reason other than a crash. There was nobody with the vehicle when the department arrived. 

Patterson said the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames upon arrival and the fire had damaged siding on the building. 


“Upon extinguishment it was evident the majority of damage was to the passenger compartment,” he said. “The guys had to remove some siding from the front of the building that sustained heat damage, to make sure it was not spreading.”


Patterson said an investigation showed the fire likely started in the passenger compartment rather than the engine. He said in fires like that it could be from a variety of potential causes, including an electrical issue or discarded smoking material. 


BNEWS Cory McNeil drove by the scene while firefighters were at work and captured the video below. 

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