July 28 2015

Work on Safety-Inspired BHS Entrance Project Continuing (Photos)

By: Rich Hosford

Anyone visiting Burlington High School this summer would find one thing upon their arrival: the front entrance is not usable. 

That is because work is well underway to complete a project meant to make security at the school better for students and staff. 


The entrance is being redone to ensure that anyone coming into the school must go to the front office. In short, the setup is being changed so that there will be a clear line of sight from the office to anyone coming into the building. This requires a new entrance to be cut into what was once a wall. The old doors will remain to allow students in when they arrive in the morning but they will then be locked so all visitors must enter facing the office. 


Most of the work is being done internally and they are working hard to complete the project before the start of the school year, Central Administration’s Steven Zarba said while giving BNEWS a tour of the project. 


Along with the change in orientation of the entrance, the project also includes a handicap accessible ramp and new landscaping. 


Funding for the project, with a price tag of $284,855, was approved by Town Meeting this past spring. 


Superintendent Eric Conti said at the time this was a necessary fix to bring the school up to date with current safety protocols. 


“I think if you look at how schools were built in the 1970s as opposed to how they’re built now, with Memorial Elementary as an example, the front entrances are clearly demarked and have what is called a secure vestibule,” he said. “The new entrance will have two sets of doors and will funnel people into an office area where they have to check in and be identified.” 


“With the previous design we felt that people could walk in and gain access to anywhere in the building once they were buzzed in,” he continued.  


Large equipment re-doing the walkway to the entrance


The new entrance that will lead to the main office


The opening to the main entrance covered in plastic

What visitors currently see when they arrive at the main entrance



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