March 7 2019

BHS Art Students' Work to be Featured at 'Exhibit 15' in Bedford Town Hall


Burlington High School student artists will join with peers from around the area for a special presentation of their works.


The BHS Arts Department is inviting the public to attend the reception for Exhibit 15 at Bedford Town Hall on Monday, March 11, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The work of the students in Burlington High School's Art & Design program was selected for inclusion in the show, along with work from the high schools of Bedford, Lexington, Weston, and Winchester.


The Burlington students whose work will be featured in the show are:


- Gati Aher

- Lindsay Baxter

- Joseph Bonanno

- Martello Cesar

- Ryan Crowe

- Cynara Ferrao

- Michela Giordano

- John Pestana

- Sarah Schissler

- Naaz Thotathil

- Matthew Tyman

- Anthony Vallerand


“This exhibit was born out of the desire to have a smaller, regional showcase of student work that was free for students, while also bringing neighboring communities together for a celebration of artistic excellence,” an invite from BHS Arts Department Chair George Ratkevich says.


The coordinators of the exhibit wanted to limit the works to only fifteen per district (hence the name EXHIBIT 15). This forces art departments to be very selective with what they are exhibiting and staff need to communicate, collaborate and compromise when making decisions as a department, the release explains.


“We also wanted to elevate the exhibit by recognizing exceptional work, so we enlisted the help from area professional artists and educators to serve as jurors who will determine work that is best in each category (drawing, painting, ceramics/sculpture, digital art and photography) as well as the best in the show, overall,” Ratkevich explains. “This is our first year doing this kind of show and I hope that it becomes an annual tradition.”  


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