June 22 2015

18/8 Fine Men's Salon Set to Open This Weekend

By: Rich Hosford

A high-end salon catering to gentlemen will be opening at the 3rd Ave. development project this weekend.


18/8 Fine Men's Salon posted on its Facebook page that it will be opening its Burlington establishment, the first Massachusetts, on Saturday, June 27. The salon will be located at 62 Second Avenue. 


The 3rd Ave. project is a "boulevard" style development featuring restaurants, Kings bowling, Wegmans and other businesses. 


According to its web site, 18/8 offers men's haircuts, razor-shaves, scalp treatments and grooming services. 


On its Facebook page, 18/8 says men should not go to salons for women. 


"Why? Because a man's hair needs to be finessed in such a way that he can manage it himself without the help of a curling iron or Brazilian blow out," it says. "After all, a woman’s hair salon doesn’t quite have a firm grip about the hair that magically spurts out of places men were never properly warned about. And why would a woman’s hair salon truly care about the peculiarities of a man’s hair growth? Or loss? Or thinness? Or how, and why, a man’s hair grays at a much different pace than hers?" 


For more information check out its web site

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