October 13 2016

3D Printer Company Moving from Lexington to Burlington

By: Rich Hosford

A high-tech company that works in 3D printing is looking to move from Lexington to Burlington. 


The Planning Board approved a special permit for Desktop Metals that will allow it to locate at 63 Third Avenue, next to Wegmans, in the Northwest Park Planned Development District. 


Desktop Metal specializes in the development of 3D printers which generate products using metal components, the application reads. Part of its work is the manufacturing of electrical systems and associated components necessary to create prototype 3D printing machines. 


The printers will then be sold to private companies and government agencies, including, possibly, NASA. One of the representatives of the company at the meeting, Director of Operations Kevin Li, used making items for the International Space Station on the actual vessel using one of their printers as an example of what their products can do. 


There was some discussion about hazardous materials that will be on site but members of the Planning Board said they were happy to defer to the Board of Health, which already signed off on the project. 


In the end the special permit was approved 6-0 with member Carol Perna no in attendance. 

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