December 23 2015

BHS Art Students Creates new Pine Glen Elementary School Logo


Pine Glen Elementary School has a new logo and the designer behind it is a Burlington High School student. 


According to a post on art teacher Keith Whistler’s blog, Pine Glen principal John Lyons came to the art department to ask if they could redesign the logo. The previous year the students in the Digital Publishing course had helped to redesign the Francis Wyman Elementary School logo and that project had been a big success. 


The art department jumped at the opportunity and senior Jillian Cooper worked out the logo. It took a couple of versions as explained below before she hit on the winning design. 



This was Jillian's first version but Principal Lyons said he would like to have an owl incorporated into the design




The second design was an owl but the client wanted to keep the tree and get rid of the yellow



By combining the elements of the tree and owl Jillian came up with the final logo


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