December 16 2015

BHS Students Learn Important Skills with 'Hour of Code' Program


Burlington students got some hands-on experience in one of the major skills needed for the 21st century. 


The school participated in its third annual Hour of Code last week and about 475 of the students took part in the program. 


“The experience gave students the opportunity to apply their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills to complete a variety of tutorials featured by,” Burlington Public Schools Instructional Technology Specialist Jenn Scheffer wrote in her blog


Scheffer said that after a brief introduction about computer science, including the job outlook and earning potential, students were directed to a digital flyer where they were able to select from four coding activities featuring Star Wars, Minecraft, Ana and Elsa, and Lightbot. 


Students with pre-existing knowledge of computer science concepts were encouraged to explore the more difficult coding activities in the Beyond an Hour section of Here students could challenge themselves with HTML, Java Script, Python, and other computer programming languages. 


“As a result of last week’s Hour of Code, we hope that students will dig deeper into computer science and explore additional coding tutorials on their own,” Scheffer said. “Perhaps they will realize it’s a lucrative career option and will pursue computer science as a college major.”

Scheffer added that they also want to continue to inform parents about coding and all that it has to offer to their children. The virtual December Tech Savvy Parenting Night will feature the Hour of Code for parents. 

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