February 11 2016

BHS Welcomes New Staff Member - Scooter the Service Dog


Burlington High School has a new staff member, and he’s definitely a good boy. 


Principal Mark Sullivan announced on his blog that the school is welcoming Scooter, a service dog from the National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS), to his new home. Scooter is a specifically trained classroom assistance dog. NEADS Dogs are taught a list of core commands and they follow a basic training schedule throughout puppyhood. It takes about 18-24 months for a dog to be trained.


“Scooter’s responsibilities will evolve at BHS over time, but he will be here to help students alleviate stress and anxiety,” Sullivan said. “Specifically, Scooter will work in our BRIDGE Program at BHS. This is a structured, self-contained mixed-grade therapeutic program for students who require a small, emotionally and physically safe space for their instruction in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. BRIDGE provides organizational support and therapeutic interventions including individual and group counseling.”


Scooter will be a therapeutic companion to students suffering from depression, panic attacks, anxiety, school phobia and communication disorders, Sullivan said. He will provides a safe, non-judgmental and relaxing way for students to learn in an environment that promotes safety and success. Immediately upon his arrival, Scooter will impact close to 100 students and assist them with a variety of social and emotional needs.


Scooter is coming to the school with support from a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation and will arrive in late March. 

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