Bobcat, Burlington,

 August 17 2015

Bobcat Seen in Burlington Yard

By: Rich Hosford

A Burlington family has had a unique visitor in their yard a couple of times in the past month. 

A bobcat has been spotted twice in the yard of a house near the Burlington-Lexington line, a report by WCVB states

Mass Wildlife says that bobcats are the only wild cat now found in the state. They are much smaller than mountain lions and do not pose a threat to humans, though occasionally they might go after domestic cats, small dogs or some livestock (chickens, pigs, small goats), experts say

“The bobcat can be easily identified by its short, "bobbed" tail, prominent face ruff, and slightly tufted ears," Mass Wildlife says. “The coat of short, dense fur can vary in color from a yellowish to reddish brown with distinct or faint black spots along its flanks and white under parts that are also spotted with black. In summer, their fur tends to be shorter and more reddish in color becoming longer and much paler in the winter although there can be much variation in color among individual animals.” 


A bobcat seen in a Burlington yard. Credit: WCVB



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