January 13 2016

Body of Francis Wyman Employee Found on School Premise Wednesday Morning

By: Rich Hosford

The Francis Wyman Elementary School community is dealing with the tragic passing of a coworker today. 


Principal Nicole McDonald confirmed this afternoon that a school employee was found deceased near the front entrance of the building before the start of classes this morning. 


The employee was identified as Larry Carney, a 12-year member of the custodial team. He was working the late shift last night and was reportedly salting the front entrance way when he apparently collapsed. He was working alone and was not found until Wednesday morning. 


State police will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death. 


The incident did cause some changes to the start of the school day for staff and students. The front door was cordoned off and students had to enter through the back. There was no time from the discovery of the body to the start of school for administrators to cancel or delay student arrival. 


“We had a change of drop-off and reroute everyone through the back door,” McDonald said. “Everything else was business as usual.”


 McDonald credited her staff for both supporting each other and keeping things normal for the students. 


“It was a difficult and challenging day but the staff was amazing and supportive of each other,” she said. “They did a great job on behalf of the kids to keep things as normal as possible. The Francis Wyman family is brought closer together by tragedies like this.” 


A letter was sent home to parents explaining what happened. 


McDonald said she was also able to reach out to members of Carney’s family to express her condolences. 

“I did get a chance to talk to his sisters,” she said. “We are offering up the highest level of support for them and we expressed our sympathy and well-wishes for them.” 

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