August 4 2020

Building Inspector Speaks on Building Permit for The District Hotel Plan

Representatives of the Planning Board and National Development were once again in front of the Board of Appeals over plans for a Residence by Marriott in The District. 


The background of the issue is that the Planning Board is appealing a building permit for the project because the plans include two stove-top burners in each of the rooms. Members of the Planning Board point to the Planned Development District (PDD) for the The District which states “hotels” but not “residence hotels” are allowed on the site. They point to the zoning bylaws that state hotels may not have cooking in rooms occupied by guests. 


However, representatives from National Development, which owns the district, says the use table of the PDD brings some ambiguity into the process by saying “full service hotels” with amenities are allowed. The use table also lists Select Service and Boutique hotels as being allowed, two terms not defined in the town’s bylaws. 


It is a complicated issue and you can find an overview video we did of it here. 


This issue will be taken up again in a special meeting of the Board of Appeals on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Annex conference room.


The quick version is that the Planning Board says the bylaw definition of a hotel makes it clear that the PDD does not allow for cooking in guest rooms. National Development contends the PDD is unclear and points to a section which states that all ambiguities in the language will be decided by the building inspector. 


Last week building inspector John Clancy explained why he thought the plans as he approved them fit the use table section of the PDD: 

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