October 16 2017

Burlington & Beyond & Beyond & Beyond

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 

This writer can find justification for the intent of the above title in the fact that Tuesday evening October 3 we celebrated our seventy-fourth live broadcast from 8-9pm on Burlington Cable Access Television.  No small achievement for a small band of  somewhat like minded brothers with not just interest, but with abiding concerns for the welfare of our country.

The show was initiated at my instigation, I am proud to write, with the intent of researching and discussing before our audience major issues of governance and society at all levels of Burlington and Beyond to state, federal as well as international crises of import.  To that end we have sought out voices of authority, as was and is possible, on those issues.  The views of our five member panel may project a slight conservative bent, but the viewer can be assured that views and opinions are more individualistic as opposed to group-think.

It has been both enjoyable and a challenge in that the every other week scheduled show often appears to be only two days away.  Issues abound and contacts are often slow to respond.

We have been fortunate to have had authority on Common Core and Smart Meters.  Candidates in recent town elections have been interviewed.  Not long ago, we had interviewed candidates for the state offices of Attorney General, Treasurer, Governor and Auditor as well as a Congressional candidate from our district and key persons in support of these elections.  We are constantly scouring the countryside for persons with insight.

Embedded within those seventy odd broadcasts were many leaders of local government.  Our Town Manager, John Petrin, our Chief of Police, Michael Kent, our Fire Chief, Steve Yetman, our Public Works Chief, John Sanchez, our Recreation Leader, Brendan Egan and recently one of the leaders of the Health Department, Ed Weiner as well as the Director of the Council on Aging, Marge Macdonald.  Other leaders of import were Chris Hanifin, Veteran Affairs, Barbara  L’Heureux of the planning Board, Paul Raymond, Ernie Zabolotny, Steve Stamm and others of local government.

Recently, Kevin Duffy, a principal of the Duffy Corporation, shared with us discussion and a very large blowup of the Shoppes at Simonds (the former 191/2 plot) as it shall become known.  Politically as well as recently the candidates, Geoff Diehl and Heidi Wellman, for the US Senate as well as Carlos Hernandes, candidate for the US House have joined us to make their case.  In addition there have been shows of the seasons, local issues, clubs and persons of special interest, even Santa.

Although our primary goal is to inform the public of contending viewpoints, the more presiding intent is to encourage our citizens to become aware of important issues and viewpoints and yes, to seriously consider personal involvement in government.  Good to our opinion, our panel consists of four Town Meeting members, one Ways and Means committee member as well as two members of  Capital Budget.  I would be seriously remiss if, in an attempt to round out our support staff of Directors and camera persons, I failed to mention and thank Joan Kennedy-Constant, Paul and  Marianne  Girouard and Anne Way.

As our name implies, we intend to continue to serve the Burlington public with discussion and views on major issues for the extended future.  The public is encouraged to submit questions or opinions to our Facebook website and to name individual leaders, within our purview, in all realms of society and especially local government that they would like to see interviewed.

Please watch beforehand notification of the visit of persons of authority in all fields of government and society in these same pages.

Comcast=channel 9

RCN=channel 3

Verizon=channel 39

We look forward to our shows.  We hope that you do also.

Pat Moreno

Adam Senesi

Larry Way

Joan Kennedy-Constant

Paul Girouard


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