December 18 2015

Burlington EMTs Deliver Baby in Ambulance on Side of Highway

By: Rich Hosford

Two members of the Burlington Fire Department helped make a special delivery on the side of the highway. 


Chief Steve Yetman says that at about 5 p.m. on December 9th the department received a 911 call for a pregnant woman possibly going into labor at 32 weeks. 


Along with paramedics from Armstrong Ambulance, EMT’s Eric Fitzgerald and Bill Toland, assessed, treated and began to transport the patient to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  


Though the ambulance was moving quickly, the baby decided to win the race and the crew realized that delivery was imminent. They pulled the ambulance over and prepared for delivery.  Shortly after a baby boy was delivered.  


The baby required immediate resuscitation, including oxygen, ventilations and chest compressions. Shortly after resuscitation efforts were started, the baby’s vital signs improved. After stabilizing the baby and mother, the crew proceeded to transport them to Winchester hospital.  While at Winchester Hospital, the baby was further stabilized and later transferred to Childrens Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.


According to follow up reports, the baby did well at Childrens Hospital and was transferred back to Winchester for further care and to be with his mother.

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