December 31 2020

Burlington Family Rescued by Snowmobile After GPS Leads them Down Wrong Road in New Hampshire


It was an example that while technology can be a great asset it can also lead people astray. 


This past Saturday a Burlington man and members of his family had to be rescued after he turned down a road, at the suggestion of his GPS, that turned out to be a route used by snowmobiles, WCVB and other outlets report. Dattu Prajapati, 45, had been skiing at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire with his three sons and two of their cousins and his brother-in-law. After a long day on the slopes the family started making their way to Gorham, N.H. for the night when they got turned around. At the suggestion of his GPS he turned up Jefferson Noth Road, a seasonal road that is not maintained in the winter. 


Prajapati soon realized his mistake but when he attempted to turn the family’s minivan around he ended up sliding off the road and into a ditch. They tried different tricks, like placing the floor matts and some sticks under the tires to try and gain traction, but it was to no avail. The remote location did not have cell service and soon the adults were worried about how long they might be out in the wilderness. 

Fortunately the vehicle’s built-in system to call for a tow was working and they activiated it. Around 10 p.m. a tow truck arrived but was unable to get the minivan unstuck. The driver bought gas to keep the engine running and everyone warm. 


Around midnight Fish and Game, the New Hampshire State Police and local rescue crews arrived with an ATV and a snowmobile. They started transporting the group in pairs back to the main road. 


In the end everyone was safe, if a bit chilly, and they all have a story to tell about the dangers of relying too heavily on technology. 


See the WCVB piece for more details.


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