November 12 2015

Burlington Grand Marshals Honored by Selectmen

By: Rich Hosford

Two long-time Burlington residents were honored during the Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday night. 


John and Virginia Mooney were recognized by the board for their roles this past summer as the marshals of the 4th of July parade. 


Both served with the armed forces during World War II and have spent many years volunteering for the town of Burlington in a variety of ways. Virginia is also a former member of the Board of Selectmen. 


The pair was also presented with a unique gift during the board meeting. Woburn artist Gina Johnson, who has been drawing portraits of service men and women from New England who have died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for a memorial wall, sketched a drawing of the Mooneys. It was placed on a plaque and presented to them for their role as the grand marshals in the parade. 


The plaque featuring the drawing by artist Gina Johnson



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