September 28 2016

Burlington High Football Coach Put on Leave for 'Inappropriate Behavior'

By: Rich Hosford




Burlington High School’s head varsity football coach Shawn Maguire has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an administrative investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior, a release from Superintendent of Schools Eric Conti states. 


The Burlington High School Administration received allegations this week of verbal misconduct towards players by the coach. Upon learning of the allegations, school administrators informed the superintendent’s office. A meeting was held with Maguire to inform him of the allegations and that he would be placed on paid leave while the Burlington Public Schools investigated the claims.


“I understand that there may be many questions, and I want to thank our community members for their patience and support while this investigation is underway,” Dr. Conti said. “The Burlington Public Schools is a safe and welcoming educational community, and we take any allegations of inappropriate verbal actions or behavior seriously.”


As this investigation is ongoing and involves personnel matters, the school department is unable to comment further at this time.


Interim Coach George Balian said he had "no comment" about the allegations but did say that as for the team it was business as normal. 


"The team is focused on Stoneham, just like we have been all week," he said. 


Update 5:30 p.m. 

Maguire’s attorney, Dale Merrill, said she spoke with the coach this morning and that he doesn’t know what the allegation could be about. 


“We have no idea what the actual allegations are or who have made them,” she said. “He can’t think of anything that would qualify as wrongdoing. 


She added that she believes the complaint is a false allegation and that all will be cleared up in time. 


“We are very confident this will turn out to be a false allegation about a very good man and a fantastic coach,” she said. “Once the school department takes a look at it, they’ll find that he didn’t do anything wrong.”


She also said that placing a teacher or school official on paid leave following an accusation is standard protocol. 

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