October 24 2016

Burlington Man Arrested after Allegedly Attacking Bus Driver

By: Rich Hosford


A Burlington man was arrested this past Saturday after allegedly attacking a bus driver and damaging the vehicle. 


According to the MBTA Transit Police, at approximately 3:30 p.m. on October 22 officer assigned to the North District received a radio call to respond to the Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington for a report of an MBTA bus operator who was assaulted. 


The bus driver said that a male, later identified as Daniel Koolick, 21, of Burlington, had boarded the bus at the Alewife Station. While traveling through the Burlington Mall area he told the bus driver/victim that he wanted to exit the bus. Authorities say the driver explained that he could not stop the bus in between stops but assured Koolick he would stop at the next stop, which was less then a minute away. 


At this time police say Koolick began screaming at the operator and kicking/breaking the doors and windows of the bus. Koolick then physically attacked the operator by grabbing him by the throat and screaming. "Do you want to die". Subsequently Koolick relinquished his grip on the victim's neck and fled off the bus.


Authorities say that Koolick left his cell phone behind when he fled the bus. After Transit and Burlington Police vehicles were on scene the suspect made a critical mistake. 


“Koolick, obviously not a member of the Mensa Society, returned amongst the police activity to retrieve his phone and was subsequently placed into custody,” the MBTA Transit Police said in a statement. 


Koolick was charged with Aggravated Assault & Battery ( Strangulation), Threats to Commit a Crime and Malicious Destruction of Property. He was transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process and will be arraigned sometime Monday. 

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