May 12 2015

Burlington Police Give Security Talk to Local Bank Managers

By: Rich Hosford

Members of the Burlington Police Department and other law enforcement agencies had a meeting with local bankers to discuss security last week. 

“Burlington bank managers and company representatives were recently invited to the Burlington Police Department's Annual Bankers Meeting at Grandview Farms on Friday,” a release from Burlington Media Relations Manager John Guilfoil states. 

During the meeting, detectives from the Burlington Police Department, agents from the FBI’s Bank Robbery Task Force, and an FBI victim specialist gave presentations on bank security, prevention methods, response procedures, and intervention programs.

Bank representatives were also provided with a Best Practices DVD by the Bank Robbery Task Force, the release states. Detectives also exchanged contact information with representatives of each bank, in the hopes of maintaining strong communications links going forward.

"Relationships are key," Burlington Police Chief Michael Kent said of the meeting. "During and after a bank robbery, the actions taken by management and employees can minimize the chance of injuries and maximize the likelihood that the suspect will be apprehended. It all starts with bank executives and police officers knowing each other and communicating."

Burlington Police also extended an invitation to each bank offering to have detectives attend bank staff meetings, so that all employees are aware of the proper procedures during a bank alarm or robbery. 

"The Burlington Police Department is continuing to engage the community, both residential and business, and we are committed to providing awareness programs while strengthening community relations," said Burlington Police Detective Jim Tigges. "The department is also looking to meet with other specific types of businesses as a group in the future."

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