February 24 2016

Burlington Police Now On Social Media Site Nextdoor.com


The Burlington Police Department announced on Wednesday that it has joined the social media platform Nextdoor.com. 


For those who haven’t heard of it, picture a kind of face-book that automatically shows you posts, including alerts, items for sale and general messages, from people who live in your neighborhood who have also joined. 

The Burlington Police Department said using the site will allow them to send alerts and updates to people in a specific neighborhood, multiple neighborhoods or town wide when they have important information. 

Lt. Glen Mills said in a Facebook post the department will use the Public Agencies section of Burlington’s Nextdoor page to get information to the public. Messages from the police department will show up in your newsfeed and are also available in the "City Agency" tab on the left-hand navigation bar.


“With this said, we need your help to invite your neighbors and friends across Burlington to join Nextdoor,” he said. 


Here is the link to the police department’s page


Mills also said the site is a way for police to get information out but is not to be used to report emergencies. 


“Please be aware that Nextdoor is not the appropriate way to request emergency services, police services, report criminal or suspicious activity, file a report, etc.” he explained. “If you require emergency services, please call 911. We do not monitor Nextdoor 24/7.” 

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