April 18 2017

Burlington Police Officer Completes Advanced Search and Rescue Training



Top row, left to right: Sgt. John Harring, Danvers Police Officer Justin Ellenton, Chelmsford Police Officer Nicholas Ziminsky and Chelmsford Police Officer David Leo. Bottom row, left to right: Burlington Police Officer Joe Papsedero, Waltham Police Officer Chuck DiChiara, Andover Police Officer Micheal Connor, Belmont Police Officer Cory Taylor. (Courtesy Photo)

A regional organization of police department recently had members, including one Burlington officer, complete an advanced training course.

The Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, Inc. (NEMLEC) said that eight municipal law enforcement officers from its member agencies recently attended an advanced search and rescue and suspect tracking course offered by the Department of Homeland Security.

The five day class was held from March 27 and 31 in San Diego, California, the release states. Homeland Security Agent Christopher Hoelter led the class, which is called the BORTAC Tracking Course (Border Patrol Tactical Unit Tracking Course.)

According to NEMLEC, the course included day and night scenarios, where officers learned how to find a “sign” and then use it to locate a missing person or suspect. A sign is a disturbance in the environment, often very small, that a person or group of people leave when travelling through an area. Students completed up to eight hours of practical exercises tracking the training staff.

“Our NEMLEC K-9 handlers, SWAT officers, and search and rescue units responded to numerous missing person cases and suspect searches in our member communities and it is always important to sharpen our skills,” said Billerica Police Sgt. John N Harring, who is a K-9 officer in his department. “The tactics that our handlers learned during this training will enhance the skill sets they regularly use while working with their K-9 partners.”

This is the first time a group municipal law enforcement agencies has been asked to attend the class, the release states. The following NEMLEC member agency officers attending the training:

- Officer Joe Papsedero, Burlington Police K-9

- Officer David Leo, Chelmsford Police K-9

- Officer Nicholas Ziminsky, Chelmsford Police SWAT

- Officer Michael Connor, Andover Police K-9

- Officer Chuck DiChara, Waltham Police SWAT

- Officer Cory Taylor, Belmont Police K-9

- Sgt. John N. Harring, Billerica Police K-9

- Officer Justin Ellenton, Danvers Police SWAT/K-9


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