March 30 2015

Burlington Receiving State Funds for Road Repair

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington will be getting some aid from the state to help deal with the aftermath of this epic winter. 

According to a post on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s web site, the “Baker-Polito Administration launched the Winter Recovery Assistance Program, a $30 million targeted effort, to assist cities and towns with repairs to roads and bridges under municipal jurisdiction.”

The $30 million going out to help cities and town fix roads is being dispersed using the same formula that is used to allocate the annual Chapter 90 funds. This is based on population, employment and total mileage of roads. 


Under the winter program, Burlington will receive $161,744 to help repair its roads. 

Burlington Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez said the funds are a welcome assistance from the state. He said this winter had been more damaging to the road than recent years. The damage, however, came not so much from the high level of snowfall, but from the moisture on the ground mixed with the consistent cold temperatures. 

“When you get moisture into cracks in the road, and then it freezes, it expands,” Sanchez explained. “When it expands it breaks the roads. We’ve had a lot of that and a lot of frost heaves. Water really attacked the roads this year.” 

The funds do come with a condition. According to Mass DOT, all the work done with the money must be completed by June 30 and all invoices must be turned in by July 31. 

Sanchez said that won’t be an issue because the town is going to put the funds into its existing road management plan, which is ready to go out to bid. He said that with all the paving that needs to be done this year it won’t be difficult to spend the money before the end of the fiscal year. 

“[The funds] aren’t going to a specific road or pothole,” he said. “We’re going to integrate them into the whole program.” 

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