July 1 2015

Burlington Steak House On Annual "Best of Boston" List

By: Rich Hosford

A high-end steak house that opened in 3rd Ave. last year has been named the best around by a well-known rating publication.  

The Bancroft, located at15 3rd Ave., is Best of Boston’s 2015 ”Best New Restaurant, North” award winner.  The Best of Boston is an annual ranking of the city’s “best,” including arts and entertainment, bars, restaurants and consumer products among other categories. It is is part of Boston Magazine. 

In the award announcement, Best of Boston said the restaurant goes above and beyond in the presentation of its food, services and atmosphere. 

“At this shiny new steakhouse in Burlington’s 3rd Ave development, presentation is paramount—and often over the top,” it reads. “For proof, look no further than the 3,000-plus-bottle wine collection, displayed on a catwalk above a glass-paneled dining room.”

It continues by speaking to the food served at the restaurant.  

“James Beard-nominated chef Mario Capone’s food is equally dramatic: Steaks come with flags labeling their doneness; a “fork-and-knife cauliflower roast” is served with a knife through the middle; and house-made and individually bottled cocktails are poured tableside.” 


Check out the Best of Boston site to see what else was ranked top in the city and surrounding area.


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