June 8 2017

Cancer Research Start-Up Company to Open in Burlington

By: Rich Hosford

A start-up company that works on cancer research is set to open in Burlington.


Last week the Planning Board approved a site plan waiver for a change of use at 78 Cambridge Street that will allow Cambridge Interventional to set up office space and a small research and development lab at the location.


According to papers filed with the town, Cambridge Interventional will perform engineering activities related to the development of medical devices used in cancer therapy.


“At 78 Cambridge Street, we plan to perform electrical, mechanical, and software engineering of surgical tools and electronic devices, such as a hand-held medical probe or computer-like box used in operating rooms,” a letter reads. “This will involve design, documentation, programming, and business work in an office environment.”


The letter continues by saying all operations will be quiet and will not produce any hazardous waste or disturbances to the environment or the neighborhood.


“It should be noted that Cambridge Interventional is not a laboratory and Cambridge Interventional does not engage in any form of research and experimental activities,” it states. “Additionally, Cambridge Interventional does not engage in the fabrication of electronics industries components, such as printed circuit boards or semiconductors.”


The Planning Board did not have many questions for representatives from the company. There was some discussion on the size of the parking lot, which is small, but Cambridge Interventional General Manager Peter Chantiles said it would be sufficient for his small staff.


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