September 12 2018

Conservation Commission Announces Winner of Summer Scavenger Hunt

By: Robert Parris



The Burlington Conservation Commission has announced the winner of their very first Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt.


Conservation Commissioner Jennifer O’Riordian said the winner was the Parson family. The family has been in the news for their conservation efforts this past year.


Ed Parsons said his son Elliot initiated an effort to build a trail on the Fox Hill Property and that led him to become curious about other open spaces in the town.


“Elliot in particular started to notice trash along the road and wanted to clean it up,” he said. “We have been cleaning up back and forth in the area on our way to school for the last year or two.”


Shortly after the clean up, Elliot had the idea of making a nature trail behind the Fox Hill Elementary school. The idea was green lit by the school and the town back in June of this year.


Being a family that loves the outdoors, the Parsons also decided to participate in the commission’s competition. While on their scavenger hunt they found a wide variety of plants and small animals.


“Something new at this time of year is a variety of mushroom and lichens,” Parsons said. “The kids took pictures of all the kinds and colors they saw. They also found bids and wildflowers.”  


The Parsons took this opportunity to take a look deeper at the trails and woods in town.


“Our family likes to hike, bike and run the trails in town,” he said. “Sawmill Brook Conservation land connects from the Fox Hill School, in our neighborhood, nearly to the land around the Mill Pond reservoir.  We often pass through it, but this was an inspiration to take a closer look.”


Finally, Ed and his family hope that the scavenger hunt gave residents a way to value and admire the conservation areas in Burlington.


“Open space is a great resource for Burlington residents,” he said. “I hope the scavenger hunt helped more people appreciate it.”


That, in fact, was the goal of the commission. O’Riordian said the hunt was an opportunity for the community to become better acquaintance with the commission and Burlington’s open spaces.


“We were trying to engage with the community and show residents that there are some beautiful conservation areas where they can go on a hike, walk a nature trail and enjoy a bike ride in Burlington,” she said.


Check out more from photos from the Parson's hunt here.




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