Burlington Marketplace, Planning Board, Curb Cut

 August 26 2015

Curb Cut Approved for Burlington Marketplace

By: Rich Hosford

After some negotiations with the Planning Board and changes to the original plan, the Burlington Marketplace has finally been granted permission to create a second entrance and exit in the plaza. 


The Burlington Marketplace is the plaza on Mall Road that houses Chipotle, Starbucks and b.Good Burgers, among other restaurants and stores. 


Earlier this year representatives of Linear Retail, which owns the property, was before the board with a plan to add a curb cut on the Lexington Street side. This would allow motorists to enter the plaza from Lexington Street and exit that same way. The plan also came with a number of other changes designed to improve flow in the parking lot, which often gets backed up with the single point of entrance and egress. These changes included re-arranging the parking lot so that vehicles don't get bottlenecked at the entrance, creating head-in parking spaces, adding a pathway and more landscaping. 

In April the Planning Board rejected the plan with a 2-4-1 vote. The biggest concern among members and some residents who spoke at the meeting was that the new outlet would encourage people to travel down Lexington Street to South Bedford Street, Stony Brook Road, Brown Avenue, or other residential streets in the area to avoid traffic on Mall Road. 


Last week Linear Retail was back with a modified plan. The biggest change from the original was that now the curb cut would be angled in such a way that drivers can only turn right into the plaza from Lexington Street and left when leaving. This means nobody can use the majority of Lexington Street to either arrive at the plaza or as a cut through after they exit. 


Even with the new plan some members raised concerns, specifically that drivers would use the new curb cut as a shortcut to the Kohl’s parking lot with the intent of then using that to get to the Vine Brook Plaza and onto Middlesex Turnpike, thus avoiding multiple lights on Mall Road. 


In the end the Planning Board voted 4-2 to approve the new plan with the condition that it be monitored for a year to analyze who it has impacted traffic and how many people cut through to Kohl’s. 

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