October 15 2018

'Dangers of Wireless Technology' Program at Library on Tuesday


There will be an informational program focused on a potential danger from a technology that is all around us.


The Burlington Public Library is hosting a talk by technical and professional writer Cece Doucette on the potential dangers associated with wireless technology on Tuesday, October 16 at 7:30 p.m.


“This spring the U.S. National Toxicology Program determined cell phone radiation causes cancer and DNA damage – and this type of radiation runs all our wi-fi devices too,” an invite for the program from a third-party reads. “The science shows children, fetuses and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Even so, Verizon has submitted applications to put more cell towers in Burlington, this time on street-level poles, many right inside our neighborhoods.”


The impacts of wireless technology on health has become a project of education and advocacy for Doucette.


“When she discovered it was hazardous she began the difficult conversation which lead Ashland Public Schools in Massachusetts to become the first in the nation to implement Best Practices for Mobile Devices,” her bio on the National Institute of Health states. “Next, she worked to introduce legislation to examine the non-industry funded international science and protect public health. She also collaborated with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to develop public health fact sheets.”


The issue of wireless technology has recently become a topic of interest in Burlington. Verizon Wireless is seeking permission to install seven “small cell” wireless boosters on telephone poles throughout town. In response, the Board of Selectmen set up a special committee to study the issue and report back to the board.


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