February 9 2016

Disability Commission Funds to Support Therapeutic Recreation Programs

By: Rich Hosford

The Board of Selectmen approved the use of money from the Disability Access Commission’s(DAC)  handicap parking fine fund to support programs for differently-abled individuals Monday night. 


The funds, $1,200 in total, will go towards covering the costs of two programs that are part of the Burlington Recreation Department’s therapeutic recreation program. 


Burlington Veteran Services Director and DAC Coordinator Chris Hanafin said the Rec. Department hired a part-time person to coordinate its therapeutic recreation program and she reached out to DAC to see if the commission could help with funding. 


“We wanted to support them as DAC,” Hanafin said. “They are trying to get two programs off the ground.” 

One program is for children that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be able to go horseback riding, Hanafin explained. In the program the saddles are adapted to allow the children to ride. The Rec. Department said it needed $600 to help cover the cost of the program. 


The other program is for adults who have difficulty getting outside or out of town. The program coordinates trips and outings. Here too, $600 was requested from DAC’s handicap parking violations fund (made up from tickets to people illegally parking in handicap spots), to help cover the costs of transportation. 


Selectman Bob Hogan said he was fully in support of approving the transfer of the funds. 


“This town has done an extraordinary job with programs for children and adults,” he said. “What we are talking about is a group of people, that without assistance, might not be able to do any of the these things, which we might take for granted.” 


The board unanimously approved the transfer of funds. 

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