September 30 2019

Family Asking for Help in Finding Stuff Rabbit Lost at Mall Connected to Father Deployed Overseas


A family is asking the public’s help in finding a girl’s stuffed animal with a profound emotional connection to her father who is deployed overseas. 

The Burlington Police Department shared the plea for assistance on its Facebook page on Sunday and the post quickly went viral. 

“This is a real long shot but if you guys could put out a notice on your page I would really appreciate it,” the mother of the stuffed animal’s young owner wrote. 

The girl’s mom said that at around 4 p.m. on Saturday her daughter lost a small stuffed toy rabbit somewhere in the parking lot or inside the Burlington Mall at the Legal Seafood entrance. It is a brownish gray and from the Jellycat collection.

“Normally a lost toy can be very easily replaced but this one is extra special,” she wrote. “Her Daddy deployed right after she was born and we got him a little bunny to match her big one at home. The big one says her name and the little one has ‘Daddy’ embroidered on the ear. That bunny saw him through his first deployment and was now watching over her during his second. It would mean more than we could explain to get it back.”

If anyone finds the stuffed rabbit you can turn it into the Burlington Police Department at 45 Center Street.


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