August 4 2019

Find a Cure Fundraiser for 5-Year-Old with Rare Disease This Sunday at Kings Bowl



A young boy with a rare disease will have his wish come true during a fundraising event in Burlington this weekend. 


There will be a Bowl2CureJM fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Kings Burlington on Sunday, August 11 in honor of Liam Hugo Ryan, a five-year-old Lexington boy who a little over a year ago was diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease Juvenile Myositis. 


“A little over a year ago, Liam lost the ability to walk, to get off the floor on his own and at his worst wasn’t able to lift his own head,” an invite from his mother, Liz Ryan, says. “At his diagnose, Liam’s family learned of a very rare and life threatening autoimmune disease called Juvenile Myositis. It’s a disease that affects 1 in 500,000 children wherein the body’s immune system is tricked into thinking its own cells are foreign invaders and attacks without an off switch.”


Since his diagnosis, Ryan has seen improvements but his family is still hoping that someday there will be a cure. 


“Liam’s aggressive treatment has seen dramatic and positive results but without a cure the Ryan Family is still concerned for his future,” Liz says. “That’s why we’ve created the Bowl2CureJM.”


During the event, Liam will be joined “by over 200 of his closest friends, relatives and supporters at an amazing family fundraiser.”


“The event will be extra special this year as Liam will be receiving a LIVE Make-A-Wish to Disney World,” Liz says in the invitation. “Liam will also be joined by his football team, The Bentley Falcons, as Liam is a part of Team Impact, an organization connecting chronically ill children with college sports teams. The event will be lively and uplifting with family fun for all. We hope to see you there.”



The Ryan Family is actively seeking donations and spreading awareness to shine a spotlight on Liam’s rare disease. Fundraising for the Bowl2CureJM will go directly to The CureJM Foundation. To learn more about Liam and his journey dealing with Juvenile Myositis click here.


Courtesy Photo of Liam

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