May 6 2015

Fire Department Responds to Two Working Fires in One Afternoon

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Fire Department responded to a couple of significant fires on Wednesday. 

The first was a brush fire in the area between Francis Wyman Road and Middlesex Turnpike in Billerica. The fire started near the road in Billerica and was spreading through the forest towards Francis Wyman Road. Burlington firefighters staged at the Minute Man Sports Club with the off-road vehicle supported by a full engine for extra water. 

Captain Scott Carpenter said the source of the fire is unknown but that fire crews knocked it down by surrounding it and working inwards. The area was secure, with crews still wetting the ground, by about 5 p.m. 


Fire Chief Steve Yetman estimated the brush fire covered approximately 5 acres of forest before containment. 

Shortly before 6 p.m. fire crews were back on the streets, this time responding to a fire in the garage of a vacant condo at 3 Arborwood Drive. 

That fire was quickly contained and did not spread beyond the garage. The Woburn Fire Department also provided mutual aid by sending an engine to the scene. 

Carpenter said it appeared someone discarded something in a trash can in the garage that caught fire. There is currently work being done on the property. 




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