August 8 2016

HELPIS Founder to Present at Burlington Historical Society


The Burlington Historical Society will be hosting a woman who strives each day to help others and make the community a better place to live. 


“The Burlington Historical Society is back in the game after a brief summer vacation,” a release from the organization states. “Once again we open the new season with  local talent. Our star this time is Joyce Deliyiannis, a Burlington resident and founder of the nonprofit, HELPIS.”


“A practical person and a professional hair stylist, Joyce gained national attention in 2012  when she gave free haircuts to the unemployed,” the release continues. “There are many acts of kindness and help given that pass unnoticed, but Joyce's  gained national recognition in 2012 when the “Month of Kindness” bill, inspired and advocated by a group of students from the Francis Wyman Elementary School, along with HELPIS, was filed by our State Representative, Ken Gordon in May, 2015.”


The Historical Society goes on to explain the mission of HELPIS. 


“Acts of kindness and help occur often…acts that we never hear about,” the release says. “Joyce gained national attention by giving free haircuts to the unemployed. Joyce Deliyiannis says that tragic and violent  events cause people to overlook the goodness in themselves and their communities. HELPIS finds a way to help turn the tide for humanity toward a positive focus on love, kindness and a cycle of giving. 


Deliyiannis will be at the Burlington Historical Society meeting on Thursday, September 1 in the Kelly-Murray wing of the Human Services Building. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 7 p.m. 

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