November 11 2014

Lahey Clinic Expanding Onto 3rd Avenue

By: Rich Hosford

Lahey Clinic is opening a medical facility in the big 3rd Ave. planned development project. 


The Planning Board approved five special permits for a new development that Lahey is looking to open at 63 Third Avenue during its meeting last Thursday night. 


Lahey is planning to modify an existing one-story office building and convert it into a primary care center. It will be moving primary care doctors and staff from the fourth floor of the campus on Mall Road. 


As part of the modifications Lahey will be adding a covered area for ambulance drop-offs, will change the parking lot and will add additional handicapped parking. The clinic also plans to add green space in the form of islands in the parking area and sidewalks leading from Wegmans. 


One of the special permits acquired at the planning board meeting was to store hazardous material, in this case biological materials such as drawn blood, in small quantities on site. 


A representative from Lahey told the board this site will be for primary care physicians and will not have an emergency room or be a place for walk-in patients. Those functions will stay at the main campus on Mall Road. 

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