January 17 2018

Letter: In Support of Paramedic Training Funds for Fire Department

The Following is a Letter to the Editor


Burlington Town Meeting is scheduled for Monday evening, 7:30 pm January 22, 2018. Town Meeting members will be asked to consider Article Five. This article, submitted by the Burlington Fire Department is a request to fund Paramedical Training for current Fire Department members.  This training is for the implementation of Advanced Life Support service, (ALS). 


What are we talking about? We already have EMT's, who work at immediate emergency medical care. What are these new terms, Paramedical and Advanced Life Support? This is newer life-saving technology and is available now, but emergency personnel need training.  Neighboring towns have already embraced it.  We have access to excellent hospital care here in Burlington and we should not settle for less than the best in emergency care.


Cost to our town? This is a financial item of six figures, easy to push off to the May Town Meeting, but who wants to be the one in need, or have loved ones who need the assistance of trained paramedics before May? Who wants to take that chance? The chief is looking for less than $300,000, that is less than the price of one small house in Burlington, should you ever find it.  For the $260,000 he requests, he hopes to cover costs of tuition, training, books, and all associated costs disbursed under the careful watch of appropriate authority within the Fire Department.  Surely as a town of our size and sensibilities, this is something we can and perhaps morally should fund without hesitation.


Pay close attention to our local Town affairs where your opinion and vote impact with much more power than in a larger arena, i.e. state or national affairs.  Call your Town Meeting Representative and let them know your opinion on this Article.  The Town Clerk's office has a listing of Town Meeting Representatives as does the Burlington Annual Report which you might have picked up at the last election. You are important to Burlington.

Respectfully submitted, 


Joanne Kinchla


Chairman of the Council of Aging



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