March 30 2015

Letter to the Editor: Have you met Sally Willard?

By: Joanne Kinchla

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


So Sally Willard is running for Moderator. Sally Willard is willing to take on the responsibility of Town Meeting Moderator. I think this is great!  I am fortunate enough to have worked on the Land Use Committee and at the Polls with Sally and got to know just how amazingly adept she is at handling different personalities. (Town Meeting certainly presents a wide variety of people with divergent opinions.)  Sally is good at keeping conflict within civil limits.  I remember a phrase that she often used in Land Use Meetings, "SO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS....", then go on to summarize or clarify the thoughts of the speaker.


Sally is kind, compassionate, but like a good role model, holds to a high standard of behavior for herself as well as those she deals with.  Sally is fair, and she can disagree with you without being disagreeable.  She has amazing reservoirs of patience, but can tactfully end drawn out discussions and summarize the results of the meeting. I think Town Meeting Moderator is a great job for a natural mediator, such as Sally. 


In working closely with Sally in various civic activities, I have noticed she is particularly alert to the needs of Seniors and those with disabilities who might need special accommodation. The veterans love her, she has always got a friendly smile and warm hello at the ready. 


Sally Willard seeks to bring her education, experience and natural talents, people skills and ethical values to the Town Meeting Moderator position. Some people think it is important to have a woman's picture on a twenty dollar bill, I think it is more important to have a skilled mediator at the helm of Town Meeting.  This coming election is not a "big" election, but it is a very important one to Burlington.  Your vote counts, please vote.

Sincerely, Joanne Kinchla

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